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     The Chiarotti family, now in its third generation, is responsible for the introduction in the country of the manufacture of porcelain products for laboratories. It is also heavily involved in the development of the production of medium and low voltage insulators from the pioneer Ceramic Industry Cerqueira Leite Ltda through industries in the interior of the State of São Paulo until the formation of the current enterprise.

In the 1960s the entrepreneur Nelson Chiarotti started the tests in a “pioneer” way, at night and at weekends, from the need to use resistant materials in the laboratory tests of metallurgy, for the production of support hardware of insulators for medium and low voltage.

In tests with carbon, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur and manganese only the imported laboratory articles resisted. Navicles and crucibles were produced in the then Porcelana Mauá S.A., company whose true vocation was the one of the porcelain table.

With the achievement of results from the home tests created its own policy of import substitution, which would be a major macroeconomic objective in the years that followed.

In the segment of laboratory materials, the products are recognized for quality and greater resistance to thermal shock, without cracks or breaks – they support temperatures up to 1100º C and shock 800 to 20º C.

Currently Chiarotti operates in other important markets for the Brazilian industry – in the manufacture of refractory parts such as wire guides, threads, tubes among others; in the development of special parts – according to technical drawing – meeting the engineering needs of each company; and in the manufacture of exclusive parts with its own brand – in the outsourcing format.

Quality System ISO 1775-1975


Obtaining international certifications aiming at the continuous improvement of our products. Internationally known, the ISO system of qualities and technical standards was used for testing our materials and approved.

Social responsability

Aiming increasingly to improve the relationship and fulfillment of duties and obligations with society in general, Chiarotti Porcelana invests in social and environmental projects:

  • The use of recycled paper in the sales and collection offices;
  • Reuse of paper for the packaging of products;
  • Encouraging employees to participate in selective collection within the company;
  • Protection of forest areas in the city of Mauá;
  • Raw materials 100% natural, without risk of contamination of soil or tributaries;
  • Purification of the water in the process of making the mass, due to the use of clay, where this water is returned to the 100% water table free of impurities;
  • Exchange of wood-based machinery with natural gas;
  • Use of natural light for energy saving.

Proud to be brazilian since 1959!

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